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Several packages are available.

All prices are for online (Zoom) or in-person sessions held in the metro Richmond, VA area. All packages can be expanded, at additional cost, to suit your organization’s unique circumstances.

Travel to your site will be extra.

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Mission, Vision and Values Consultation

Starting at 1000 .00— A well-crafted mission, vision and values statement is the foundation of your organization’s public relations. However, developing these statements can be challenging. We can help you choose the right words to clearly and succinctly describe your organization and its reason for existing.

Communication Coaching

Starting at 500.00— If you feel confident in managing your own communications/social media, but need some pointers on public relations best practices, implementing pre-determined strategies and tactics, or setting up and managing projects and systems, we can help. Our coaching sessions will be tailored to meet your goals and objectives.

Strategic Communications planning

Starting at 2500.00 — I work with you to develop a strategic communication plan. The baseline plan will include audience identification; potential areas of audience research/needs assessment; organizational business goals and measurable communication objectives; development of strategies and tactics to reach those objectives; plan evaluation.

Communications Plan Training

Starting at 2500.00 —  After working with your organization on a Strategic Communications Plan, we provide in-depth training to your staff to implement the plan, using strategies and tactics that are grounded in widely accepted communications practice.

Social Media Planning

Starting at 1000.00 — This involves assessing your potential or current social media audiences and the platforms they are most attuned to. We map out a social media strategy based on this assessment and work with you to develop a social media editorial calendar that works for your staff.

Find Your Voice Workshop

3000.00 — This half day, on-site training will lead your staff through exercises to develop the organization’s “voice.” We will discuss the concept of branding, and how brand is communicated through every aspect of your organization’s operation. We will explore how the organization’s mission, vision and values are expressed through the brand, communications and customer/client services. Through a series of self-reflecting and interactive exercises, we will help work together to refine the organization’s voice.

Tell Your Story Workshop

3000.00-—  In this half day, on-site session, your team will learn the basics of telling your organization’s story in a way that will engage and inspire your audiences. We will discuss the elements of storytelling, and the reasons why stories are so effective in motivating people. Through self-reflective and interactive exercises, we will learn to connect with our “why” and translate that into communications that others can identify with.

Combine the “Find Your Voice” and “Tell Your Story” workshops for a staff retreat experience, organized as a full day or two consecutive half-days. These programs can also be customized and expanded with additional elements.

Issues Management

Starting at 1000.00 — The most effective way to deal with a crisis is to prevent it before it happens. Our Issues Management Consultation includes a review of your organization’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) through a public relations and social media perspective. We will develop a report of potential issues

Facing a crisis and need communication help? We can refer you to colleagues who specialize in crisis communications management.

Consulting Retainer

Starting at 1000.00 per month — We are available to consult on ongoing communication issues such as communication plan implementation, tactics, and assessment. We can also provide copy editing, editorial calendar and website content review. Content creation is available as an upgrade.