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In my current role as Marketing Communication Coordinator at VCU Recreational Sports, I am responsible for all marketing output for the department.

I provide creative oversight for each project, review content for branding, accuracy and style, and advise on design and images.

My graduate assistant coordinates the day-to-day production of marketing outputs, and together we review and approve final drafts and move projects to production.

All of our collateral is produced by talented VCU undergraduate student marketing staff, including photo, video, graphic design, digital and social media.


Our annual 32-page publication for VCU Recreational Sports is designed to be shared with stakeholders.

The magazine featured stories about program participants and staff, focusing on the theme “Every Body Can.”

I serve as executive editor of the publication. My graduate assistant serves as managing editor, with design and content executed by undergraduate marketing assistants.


I have been developing websites since 1995, starting out with code and then moving to CMS. At VCU, I work closely with a web designer on the site architecture and navigation; the designer develops the CSS for the site and turns over content management to me and my staff.

As our department has grown, so has our website. Our last major update was in 2018. Each section was redesigned to function as a “mini-site” so that relevant information would show up more easily in external searches. The site averages over 40,000 visits per month.

digital and Social Media


Our department began advertising in the local community in 2018. Our “Join a Community, Not a Gym” campaign features print advertising and billboards. Our outreach to VCU Alumni is themed around “Our Community, Stronger Than Ever.”




Our video series, “People of Rec Sports” features testimonials by members and staff about the impacts they have experienced through their involvement with the department.

Video testimonial for group exercise classes.

Video testimonial for student employment.