Glory Be! Muffins

It's August. The days are getting slightly shorter, the color of the sunlight in the morning is a little more golden against the dark leafy trees, full of trilling cicadas in my yard. The mornings are actually cool and I can sleep with the windows open, even if the days still heat up to the point of having to put on the AC.  

I expect these seasonal changes are already signaling travels for migratory birds and prompting woodland critters to store up food for the winter. Families are gearing up for school, whether it begins imminently or in early September. At work, I am frantically preparing for the return of college students in T minus 12 days and counting. 

I'm also baking. Like clockwork, the impending arrival of fall triggers my "baking instinct." It's time to move from the bright greens of early summer foods to the yellows and oranges of the fall plate. This morning I wrapped up three sweet potatoes in foil, popped them in the oven at 7 a.m. and ate one later for breakfast. Just because.

After breakfast today I decided to finally try out a recipe for Morning Glory Muffins because I love them so much. On random mornings I would stop at Ellwood Thompson's for their version, called the Mighty Morning Muffin. Yum. I had to make them, and so went searching for recipes on Pinterest. 

This is the recipe I settled on. Instead of adding more than the cup of sugar called for, I only added 1/4 cup. To bring up the sweetness and make the recipe more nutritious, I soaked 6 pitted dates in 1/3 cup of water and then ran all through the food processor to make date syrup. 

Right now I'm letting these yummy muffins cool. The recipe says to let them sit overnight to let the flavors mature. I think they'll last long enough to make it that far! You never know.  

Morning Glory Muffins fresh out of the oven. 

Morning Glory Muffins fresh out of the oven.