The BuJo

I’ve started my Bullet Journal for 2019. In case you have not heard about Bullet Journals,you can learn the basics from Ryder Carroll, the inventor of the Bullet Journal and author of the recently released The Bullet Journal Method.

You can also do a Google or Pinterest search for Bullet Journal, or try #BuJo on Instagram or Facebook, and you’ll be inundated with all sorts of incredibly creative examples of personalized planners. Try not to get overwhelmed!

I want my BuJo to be a reflection of me, but primarily it’s a planning and journaling tool. I am not aiming for the perfect layout, just something simple and colorful that doesn’t get in the way of taking lots of notes.

The best thing about the BuJo is that it’s so flexible, and you’re in control. I’m excited to see how it turns out in six months!