Sharing this journey

Truth: I'm a public relations professional who makes a living telling stories about an organization, the people, and activities within that organization. I like to think I'm pretty good at it. I've been doing this work for over 20 years.  

Truth: I have a terrible time telling my own story. I've struggled with writing about my own personal journey in the blogging space for a very long time. I've taken lots of advice from influencers and experts and while much of it inspiring, I've still felt intimidated. Yet, when I do write something halfway eloquent, I get good feedback. 

I call imposter syndrome. 

And I'm really done with feeling like an imposter. I'm about to celebrate my birthday #56 for goodness sake. I know a thing or two or three. I've raised three wonderful humans, have been married for over 30 years, earned a master's degree and have held two steady jobs in succession for 8 and 14+ years respectively. 

That's all great stuff and I'm pretty proud of it. I'm not an imposter. 

Truth; Over the past couple of years, I have learned through therapy, that I struggle with anxiety. Of course, there was the panic attack driving up Afton Mountain, and the pre-53rd-birthday anxiety attack that I thought was a heart attack, which landed me in the ER for observation and testing. And smaller episodes, which I thought were just par for the course of life.  I learned that I probably have had this anxiety for most of my life but never had a name for it.

This is one reason I do yoga and meditate. 

Anxiety aside, I want to keep writing my journey. I have a lot of interests, as anyone who knows me well knows. I start things and then struggle to finish them, or even stay the course. I lose focus. This is another reason I meditate. 

So...I've decided that this blog is NOT going to be me, the "expert" dropping knowledge all over y'all. I have some knowledge, but not a ton. I love to learn. So I'm simply going to share what I learn and talk about the topics I care about. I am setting my intention to "find my voice" for my own message, and the only way I can do that is by actually writing about my journey. 

Here's some of what I will be writing about in the months ahead. 

  • aging well, in a variety of aspects
  • the multipotentialite life
  • the creativity life
  • self-care and mindfulness
  • entrepreneurship, branding and marketing communication, especially for the creative

Please join me!!