The Journey of Self-Care

I’ve been thinking a great deal about wellness over the past year or so. Wellness is a hot topic in higher ed student affairs these days.

The goal of wellness is to be fully healthy in a variety of aspects in life.. The objective is to determine what a state of wellness looks like in each aspect of your own life, and then adopt behaviors to reach and support that state of wellness. Wellness will look different for each person.

Wellness, like balance, is not a permanent state once achieved. But it can, in general terms, be thought of as a desired state.  The journey to wellness, and the maintenance of wellness, lies in the continual process of self-care.  

On the self-care journey, there are a few commitments to make to yourself. 

1. Practice self-compassion. Accepting the truth of where you are from where you want to be can be scary.

2. Own your truth and your journey. Make no apologies. The past is the past.

3. State your truth, clearly and with compassion . Practice self-compassion when you say what needs to be said in order to heal.

4. Make a commitment to yourself to work through the change to live out your journey to a state of well-being..

5. Tell yourself, with compassion:  There’s no going back.

Connie Kottmann