Wisdom Wednesday: David Bowie on age

David Bowie was many things to many people. But as he got older, he let more of David Robert Jones shine through. 

When he passed away in 2016, the world took note of how in his last year he continued to move forward creatively with the production of a play, Lazarus, and his acclaimed album Blackstar. He lived a very large life and did not "go quietly into the night." As he put it in the song Lazarus, "ain't that just like me?"

I found inspiration in how he kept working and pushing his own and others' creative boundaries all the way until the end. His example prompted me to think long and hard about my own life and how I was entering into that final third (hopefully) or final half (if I'm really blessed with longevity). I completely agree with his quote. So what was I going to do about it? This website is part of my response to his prompt. 

As we get older, it's time to throw off the personae that we have tried on, worn for a while, and outgrown.  This process may involve facing some painful truths, understanding how we got here, accepting the reality of that, letting them go, forgiving ourselves and moving on. Or it may involve picking up an interest or activity that we dropped long ago to enter into a season of career-building and/or parenthood. Or it may mean pivoting into something new altogether. Or maybe all of it. 

As we grow older, I think it is a healthy, and indeed an extraordinary process, to fully flourish into our true selves, live into our ripe old age.

Even though his life was cut short just as he was entering into true elderhood, David showed us that every moment is a chance to create something new, and become the person you should be.