Great reads for cheap!

I subscribe to a couple of discount book email alerts. Sometimes really terrific books that normally retail on Amazon or BN for $15 are lowered drastically to promotional prices for a couple of weeks. You can grab some interesting titles, and sometimes classics for .99 to 2.99 USD.

My favorite service is Seven days a week they send me "e-book bargains" and I've found some great reads. They source the bargains from Amazon, BN (nook), iBooks, Google Play, and Kobo. Sometimes the special pricing is ongoing, but many specials are only on for a couple of days.

When you sign up for an account, you can choose your genre preferences, which saves lots of time. Although I personally have not done so, you can also follow authors or connect with other readers for their recommendations.

I actually look forward to Bookbub's emails in my inbox because you never know what cool surprises might show up! Give it a try!