The Shadowy Place

If you’re reading this, welcome to the “finding my voice” phase of my blog. 

For 2018 I’ve decided to put aside all pretense of being a “pro blogger.” I’m not there yet. I’m just going to write as frequently as possible and get better as I go.

I have come to accept that even though I have been a professional marketing communicator for over 20 years, I’m a newbie when it comes to writing my own views. Professionally I write in the voice of my organization, creating written and visual content in a highly collaborative process. It’s very gratifying work, I like to think I’m quite good at it, but it is safe because I am speaking for a collective someone else. 

Here, it’s just me. I’ve taken stabs at writing blogs, first on blogspot, then tumblr, and on a short lived self hosted site dedicated to art and faith, and now here, my own domain.  

My own domain. It sounds so regal and vast. I think of Mufasa and Simba from “The Lion King,” sitting on Pride Rock, looking out over their domain.

Mufasa: Everything the light touches is yours.

Simba: Everything? What about that shadowy place? 

Mufasa: You must never go there. 


And of course, at the first chance he gets, Simba goes to the shadowy place, the elephant graveyard, and the epic story takes off.  

Good storytelling, and that includes blogging, goes into shadowy places, at least to some extent. It doesn’t have to be deep and dark, in fact it can look fairly benign, like a food blogger’s story of a failed recipe attempt.

Yet, in my previous blogging attempts I refused to go into shadowy places, preferring to be edifying and always encouraging. Maybe that’s why I never went very far with it and got discouraged quickly. It’s not very interesting and the story quickly runs out of steam. 

So here I am, wandering around my domain with the freedom to make it what I want, and the desire to make it interesting to you, the reader. I’m finally willing to travel into those shadowy places and really work on my writing, to make this blog worth your time to read and worth my time to write.

I’m also doing this with my art, and the artistic process, in the hopes that it will not only make me better, but help others who are working on developing their creativity and struggling to make sense of it all. 

To be honest, for the past four years or so I have tried, tried, tried to set things up for “internet success.” I’ve followed many online business gurus and took their advice to heart, but ultimately ended up overwhelmed and creatively stuck.

To be truthful, I hope to monetize my website at some point so that it can become self-supporting and then I can build a vast online empire that brings in millions (haha!). Realistically I would like to develop an online business centered around creativity, which can bring in a nice side income while I’m still working and later, become a steady income stream in my retirement. I’ve never actually articulated this online before. 

Sometimes the shadowy place isn’t dark and menacing. Sometimes it’s simply stating a truth. Now that I’ve ventured into this shadowy place I’m hoping the adventure will begin. I’d be honored if you would join me on it.